Let me talk a little about the work that's here.

I love doing creative and dark art photography. I love doing events, corporate or private, and I especially love doing concerts. Movement frozen by a moment in time is really what photography is all about.


People fascinate me and there is no end to the variety of images I'm able to capture as I learn and grow in my work, which is why that may be the most robust gallery I have along with events.


Which leads me to the various shoots for magazines through the years; The Atlantan, Jezebel and Buckhaven Lifestyle to name a few. I've worked with LivingSocial (one of my favorite assignments, shh don't tell the others) helping them capture the Spartan Run. I've also become more familiar with the nightlife scene in Atlanta than I had originally ever intended to and it taught me enormous amounts about my work and has also led to some very well loved shots and people.


But I'm still growing, and pushing and experimenting and I hope that I can continue to meet and work with some more fabulous people, as I've already had the pleasure of doing.

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